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Posted on 05-04-2015

Are your computer posture and daily routine affecting your health?

Like it or not, computers have entered our lives and are here to stay. Unfortunately this means sustained sitting desk postures up to 8 hours in a working day, add on a 1 hour round trip commute to work, 1 hour watching a television program, another 1 hour eating our three meals per day, and this starts to create a disturbing amount of time we spend sitting on our butts. This creates less than optimal postural changes, joint stress and aplastic ligament changes- such as forward head carriage, rounded shoulders, tilted pelvis, tightened hip capsules and spinal joint misalignment.

Palm Beach Chiropractic understands this modern day stress. We incorporate postural corrective Chiropractic adjustments and mobilisations to help reverse the stress of your sitting posture in your workplace. Holistic in approach, Palm Beach Chiropractic will combine your Chiropractic adjustments with specific rehabilitation and a posture correction home exercise program. We can also refer you in-house to our Remedial Massage and Myotherapist to make sure your soft tissues are complying to the posture changing process.

Don't wait for a niggle to become excruciating- if you have a computer, sitting or desk based job, there is probably damage accumulating on your body.

Book in to see the Chiropractor today for a full structural and postural examination.

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