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Our Philosophy

We are passionate about approaching health naturally, helping to restore health and function to the musculoskeletal system, as well as musculoskeletal aspects of non-musculoskeletal conditions.

Chiropractic derives from the Greek language, and literally means, ‘done by hand’. Instead of prescribing drugs, we use manual techniques to realign the joints and spine.

Years of Experience
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Our highly trained Chiropractors welcome people of all ages and abilities to our family healthcare clinic. Patients regularly travel from the surrounding areas of Palm Beach, Currumbin, Elanora, Tallebudgera, Burleigh, Tugun and further afield.

Chiropractors are experts of the spine!

The spine has the vital role of protecting the CNS including the many nerves that delicately pass through its structure. Misalignments of the spine may pinch, compress or irritate these nerves, causing both localised and referred pain in other parts of the body. By using specific Chiropractic techniques, we aim to help reduce pain, improve mobility, improve posture and correct alignment issues.

Our bodies are born with a wonderful, natural ability to heal and self-regulate. But achieving homeostasis is no easy feat. Making and maintaining positive lifestyle changes are essential in the quest to achieve optimal health. What we eat and drink, how much we exercise and how we manage stress, all have a massive impact on our overall well-being. Our team, here at Palm Beach Chiropractic, take pride in leading a healthy lifestyle and are passionate about helping every individual to better themselves.

Meet The Team

Meet our experienced chiropractic and remedial massage professionals dedicated to personalised treatment plans aimed at attaining your health goals. Achieve optimal health and wellness with our top-quality care. Whether you seek pain relief or to improve your overall well-being, our team is committed to supporting you every step of the way.

Dr Paul Cater - Chiropractor

B.Sc.Chiro. & M.Chiro

Dr Paul Cater founded Palm Beach Chiropractic, on the Gold Coast, in 2013 and has worked there for the past 10 years. In 2020, Dr Paul and Dr James opened our second clinic, Banora Chiropractic, located in Northern NSW.

Palm Beach Chiropractor, Paul Cater, was lucky enough to grow up in surfing heaven at Crescent Head, on the east coast of Australia.  Having grown up by the ocean he spent most of his time surfing, or pursuing his other passion, playing soccer. Paul has always been very focused on leading a healthy lifestyle and when introduced to Chiropractic in his teens, quickly realised this was the only avenue for him. Dr Paul Cater firmly believes in natural healthcare and treating the alignment of the whole body to help patients move and feel better. 

Paul graduated in 2005 from Macquarie University in Sydney, with a double degree – Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic.  He then spent 7 years in Scotland and England, where he established successful Chiropractic clinics before returning to the Australian East Coast to settle. Paul has many years training in the diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and has worked alongside leading European Sports Chiropractors. Palm Beach Chiropractic sees a variety of sports people on the Gold Coast including many triathletes, ultra marathon runners, pan pacific masters equestrian gold medalists and local community sport people. No matter what your sport is, a balanced spine and healthy nervous system is very important.

Dr Paul Cater is also experienced in providing pre- and postnatal care, supporting expectant mums before, during and after their pregnancy and has found his expectant mothers have a more enjoyable pregnancy. Furthermore, this care extends to paediatrics. Dr Cater has a particular interest in musculoskeletal issues in children and has treated many kids from newborn babies to teens- each case is different and the treatment of paedriatric patients is very gentle and relates to cranial therapy as much as spinal manipulation.

Like most people living on the coast, Paul enjoys leading an active lifestyle in the outdoors. He loves to spend time with his young family and participate in any activity that involves the ocean including surfing, kite boarding, foiling and scuba diving. 

Dr James Shipway - Chiropractor

B.Sc.Chiro. & M.Chiro

We were super lucky to have Dr James Shipway join our Palm Beach Chiropractic team in 2018. James also consults from our second clinic, Banora Chiropractic, in Northern NSW, which he opened with Dr Paul Cater in 2020. 

James graduated from Sydney’s Macquarie University in 2011 with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Masters of Chiropractic.  His passion for Chiropractic was instilled in him from a young age after suffering from “growing pains” and sporting injuries. It was back then he realised the benefits that Chiropractic could have on himself and the whole family.

James was heavily involved in sports growing up and continues to enjoy a healthy active lifestyle. It was here he first experienced the benefits regular Chiropractic care can have on both peak performance and injury prevention. He has a special interest in AFL, tennis and golf having previously played at representative level.

Dr Shipway wants you to get the best out of your body and live life to the fullest.  Dr Shipway tailors his recommendations and Chiropractic care specifically to suit individual patient needs, to achieve the best possible outcome for each and every person.   

Dr Brian Johnson - Chiropractor

BS Biomed Sci, Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

Dr. Brian is passionate about health and Chiropractic. He has been in practice for 19 years and lived in Australia for 17 of those years. He has a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Science from Texas A&M University and a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree from Parker University. He has dedicated his life to spreading the health & wellness message and helping to educate his communities about how the spine and nervous system influence health outcomes. His core philosophy is that optimal health is achieved through eating well, moving well and thinking well. Dr Brian is also a family man with 6 beautiful children and a loving wife. His passions outside of work include anything outdoors, camping, and deep ocean Freediving and is a member of the Gold Coast Freediving Club.

Ben Robins - Remedial Massage

Diploma of Remedial Massage | Certified Dry Needling

Ben Robins provides a holistic approach to help you achieve optimal physical and emotional performance and wellbeing. Ben is qualified in various forms of bodywork, including Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue and Sports Massage, Traditional Thai Massage, Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Dry Needling, Chi Nei Tsang (abdominal massage), and more.

Remedial massage is the physical treatment of the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues of the body to assist in rehabilitation, pain and injury management. A remedial massage treatment creates favourable conditions for the body to return to normal health after injury, exposure to excessive stress or overuse.

Remedial massage is designed to balance the muscle/soft tissue length, tension and tone, which promotes the body’s natural resting position. This increases the flow of blood and lymph, particularly into the injured areas, thus removing blockages, damaged cells, scar tissue and adhesions that have occurred due to injury or stress.

Unlike some other forms of relaxation massage, a remedial massage therapist has extensive knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology, which is imperative in determining how best to treat patients. Ben always tailors his treatments to suit the individual needs and preferences of each client.

To book a Remedial Massage with Ben at Palm Beach Chiropractic, please contact Ben directly by SMS or phone at 0428 738 883, or book online by selecting Book Appointment below.